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Diabetes Care

Welcome to our Diabetes Care webpage.  Diabetes is one of the most prevalent medical conditions in our area.  In most cases, diabetes is a life-long condition that requires constant care and monitoring. We built this page for the sole purpose of helping our patients better understand and manage their condition.  We welcome any suggestions for content (especially from those patients who have learned a few tricks over the years!).

One of the best sources on the web that can help you learn about diabetes can be found at:


It is very important that diabetic test their blood glucose levels at intervals determined by their provider.  For some, this may be once a day, while for others it may be three times a day.  Below you will find a sample log that can be printed and/or saved to your computer that will help you keep track of your results.  


Below you will find several links to diabetic diets that are very helpful.  They are the property of  **Please be advised that these diets are for informational purposes only, and can vary depending on individual needs. Please talk with your provider to determine which plan best fits your needs.  Also, please be aware that as health care professionals, we strive to stay on top of the latest healthcare information.  It is always possible that new information related to diabetes has been discovered and has not yet been applied to these diets.

1200 Calorie Diet
1500 Calorie Diet
1800 Calorie Diet
2200 Calorie Diet
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